fully focused on artists and creatives

PROTECT: The first thing every creative must do is protect their work. We have a simple process to help you apply for copyright and trademark your original works, your name, your identity your likeness and anything else that may generate value for you.

MONETIZE: Artists and entertainers must be prepared to do business. This means establishing the correct business structure, tax entity and business model that will help you earn and keep your money.

The biggest expense of any business is taxes. Taxes are also the primary reason many artist end up broke. A tax strategy is central to any business strategy... especially a creative business.

COLLECT: Contract law is extremely precise and often requires specific language to reflect your true intentions. NEVER sign a contract without first having an attorney that represents YOU, read it. It is so easy to sign away your rights to collect the income your work generates. 

It is always easier to prevent a bad contract than it is to reverse a bad contract. Invest in yourself and your career. Engage an entertainment attorney BEFORE doing the deal.