about wls

White Legal Strategy is a boutique law firm dedicated to serving artists, creatives and culture based businesses. 

Our love for culture drives our commitment to support creatives.  We are not just attorneys, we are strategic thinkers who specialize in the business of arts and entertainment. 

Our attorneys are deal experts. We have seen and crafted almost every creative business deal imaginable; from production and distribution, to mergers and acquisitions... licensing, equity investment, publishing, employment and independent contracts to name a few. Since every deal is both an opportunity and a risk, we research, negotiate and uncover the potential options and outcomes to help you make the best business decision. 




about christine white esq. mba

My name is Christine White and I am the founding attorney here at WLS. Thank you for visiting our site. I hope you can sense that I started this law firm with you, the artist, in mind. My mother, who was a fashion entrepreneur and my father who consulted business, instilled in me a love for growing business from the ground up. As an attorney and an MBA, I have created the perfect balance between art and commerce here at White Legal Strategy Group, LLC.  

I fell in love with art and culture as a child when I discovered and pursued dance. I danced throughout high school and at my alma mater Spelman College where I studied political science and english. It was in Atlanta during this time that I began working in entertainment, witnessing the creation of many iconic recordings and entertainment businesses. I expanded my study of the music industry with Def Jam, Rap-a-Lot and Disturbing the Peace until I entered law school to learn the anatomy of the deal. I followed up my law degree with a Masters in Business Management and Technology at Georgia Tech as I saw the need for greater finance and business expertise in the entertainment industry. 

As an attorney, I focus my energy on helping clients generate the most value for their works through sales, performance, licensing, publishing and a myriad of other creative business models that generate revenue. Further, my business degree and love for technology has allowed me to represent clients in various roles as angel investors, start-up founders and venture capitalist. White Legal Strategy's primary areas of focus include entertainment law, corporate (business/investment) law and tax law because this is where we can create the most value for our clients.